What our clients and experts say about us

We maintain confidentiality of all our clients. The following however are some of the comments previous academic, management and leadership staff have made about us.
"As an international student, this institution has fostered me a perfect atmosphere to blend along with students from multicultural backgrounds. I also loved the fact that we as students get one-on- one support and attention from faculties, to pursue our studies in NZ more easily."
Samson Johnson
Project Management Client
"Pursuing a degree from this institution has been a building block in my educational qualifications as it has helped me in advancement of my knowledge for better career opportunities. This institution didn't just provide me with a friendly and helpful environment but also helped me create a beautiful journey."
Anamica Deshmukh
Project Management Client
"As a learner in this institution on Advanced Project Management programme, I enjoyed my experience here while exploring on interesting subjects related to my field, that will definitely help me design a better career path. I was also able to meet many good people to help me and guide me in my journey as a learner."
Sehajpreet Singh
Project Management Client
“My first great experience with this institution was collecting lot of information regarding the Maori culture. Secondly, I was able to do a project in a health organisation and got information which is very useful for my future, related to my workplace. Staff was excellent, very helpful and cooperative.”
Bakhshinder Kaur
Health Management Client
“This institution has helped me developed my teaching skills which is a contribution in raising my standards in professional life by sharpening my communication skills that is essential to pursue a better career, here in New Zealand. Thanks to this institution for all their support.”
Mandeep Rani Kaushal
Education Facilitation Client
“Good teaching contents and nicely designed paper which helps in developing challenging attitude in life with great expertise. Individual attention is the most important aspect which make learner more convenient in explaining their things freely.”
Nidhi Sharma
Curriculum Design Client
“Teaching approach is quite well. They always use an interactive/participative way in teaching.”
Akwinder Kaur
Education Facilitation Client
"This institution was a lucky charm for me. Two years in here gave me a good education and support. It was like a family to me personally."
Ronel Reji
Business Client
“Teaching approach is very good. Deep understanding of every concept. Research materials are provided by facilitator for clear understanding. Videos related to topic are shown by facilitator for more effective results.”
Simranjit Kaur
Business Client
“I wanted to say thank you for the sessions that you ran with our people this week...The feedback that I have had has been very positive – everyone I have spoken to got something out of it. Your generosity to our business is much appreciated”.
Susan Bech
Group HR Manager – Montana Group
"Great I learnt so much. Delivery absolutely fantastic, easy to understand. I will revisit resources often, definitely value for money. Fantastic workshop especially for someone who is new to moderation."
Identity available on application
"Good activity the fishbowl, useful resources, highly applicable
Material was interesting when added with group activities, well done!"
Identity available on application
“All facilitators are very helpful and cheerful  by nature. All students are equal for them,  no partiality between old and new students. However, they provides a calm environment  for study. Everything is well organised.”
Sukhmanpreet Singh
Business Client
"Fun, quite interactive which helps our attention. Great delivery speaks slowly and clearly and makes it fun for all of us. Learnt a lot in this one day work shop. Made me think about my formative assessment tasks and using some Multiple Intelligences. Useful take home resources. Very good delivery, speaks well and provokes critical thinking."
Glenda Hamilton
"Whakatoo Te Reo is the best Te Reo programme I have have ever done and I have tried so many. It explained everything and I got to practice so I have retained all I learned. The best part was learning my pepeha. Can't wait to do the next level"
Robyn Atkins
“I really love the professional honour code you have, you have
like an inventory of all the most important characteristics that businesses in New Zealand are looking for. I think that is fantastic for the students (and staff)so they can actually have standard and characteristics. Values and standards are embedded, this puts it in place for the them”.
Tertiary Sector Academic Manager
“Actually, we thought that the Honour Code would be more on academic writing. We thought that it was like more on how to write proper academic writing, plagiarise or something like that. That is why we were very interested because this is more than that. Equipping our students with the right conduct before they join the New Zealand workforce is truly important. It is a tedious job that was done here Susan.”
Tertiary Sector Academic Manager
"The programme I am about to teach is the best designed programme I have ever seen. The designers thought of everything, it is so helpful."

Experienced Tertiary Programme Leader

Maya Gurung

Leadership Client

Swati Dinghra

Leadership Client

Natasa Rasic

Nayantara Nair

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