WTR-FSH Holistic and Wellbeing Programme 1

Professional I 50 Hours


In these difficult times, more and more people are finding their work roles include providing professional pastoral care and support to others. The Certificate in Pastoral Care Coordination is a research and professional practice-based programme that empowers those engaged in such work to a) understand holistic wellbeing b) look after their own wellbeing, c) professionally support others wellbeing and d) create effective organisational systems that will maintain and continuously improve others holistic wellbeing across an organisation or institution. Graduates of the programme will be prepared to work professionally as Pastoral Care or Holistic Organisational Wellbeing (HOW) Co-ordinators, Managers, or Champions.

Programme Aim
This programme will support clients to acquire the understandings, skills and the mind-set to optimise their personal well-being and to support them to prepare for and achieve employment. Clients will develop understandings of the holistic factors that impact on their well-being and how they can improve and optimise their well-being. Clients will also learn thinking and practical skills that will empower them to sustain well-being gains made thereby supporting their life aspirations.

Programme Delivery
This programme is delivered through a full or part-time face to face or interactive online mode.
Learner Minimum
A minimum of 6 enrolled learners is required to start any programme.
Programme Length
The programme is 50hrs delivered through a full or part-time face to face and/or interactive online mode.
Entry Criteria
Entry to this programme is open to those over 18 years of age who can demonstrate a strong interest in achieving the programme outcome.
All applicants will complete and application form, and be interviewed and attend a final Orientation and Induction programme before their place may be confirmed in this programme.

Required Papers
Enrollment & Selection Information
Request Information
Request any additional information via admin@nzcdi.ac.nz
Fill out the Application Form
Complete and send the Application Form to admin@nzcdi.ac.nz
Undertake an Interview
Offer of Place May be Supplied
Pay the Required Investment Amount
Commence the Programme
Payment accepted in NZ dollars, US dollars or Euros.

$3,500 NZD + GST

whole programme

Studying time
Annual Programme Start Dates
January, April, July and October of each year.
Programme Length
Each paper in all programmes may be completed in ten weeks
Induction & Orientation Programme
This will be held a week before your programme starts to help you succeed and to understand the systems that will support your programme and the staff who will work with you. A Graduation ceremony will follow programme completion.
Programme Brochure