Certificate in Executive Leadership Y

Advanced Professional | Membership | 600 Hours

Do you want to develop your leadership capabilities and move to a new level?

Do you want to increase the size of your circle of influence?

The Certificate in Executive Leadership (Membership) will develop your professional leadership capabilities by: increasing your self-knowledge and awareness; increasing your ability to grow people and relationships, advancing your influential communication capabilities and increasing your evaluation and evidence based decision making capabilities.

Learn in small classes and focus on the areas or sector of interest to you.

Programme Aim
The aim of this programme is to develop advanced professional level leaders who can innovate and advance objectives and aspirations through positive influencing capabilities in diverse settings. The programme is underpinned by global and indigenous philosophies, theories, research and practices. Graduates of this programme will understand and be able to apply a range of leadership approaches, communication, research and systems development capabilities in a field or profession of their choosing.
Programme Delivery
This programme is delivered through a full or part-time face to face and interactive online mode.
Learner Minimum
A minimum of 6 enrolled learners is required to start any programme.
Programme Length
The programme is 20 weeks full time or 40 weeks full-time.
Entry Criteria
  • Applicants must be over 22 years in age and submit an application form and CV. They will be interviewed before acceptance.
  • Applicants must have studied at tertiary level and have had some Management and / or Leadership experience.
Required Papers
Enrollment & Selection Information
Request Information
Request any additional information via admin@nzcdi.ac.nz
Fill out the Application Form
Complete and send the Application Form to admin@nzcdi.ac.nz
Undertake an Interview
Offer of Place May be Supplied
Pay the Required Investment Amount
Commence the Programme
Payment accepted in NZ dollars, US dollars or Euros.

$8,500 NZD + GST

whole programme

Studying time
Annual Programme Start Dates
January, April, July and October of each year.
Programme Length
Each paper in all programmes may be completed in ten weeks
Induction & Orientation Programme
This will be held a week before your programme starts to help you succeed and to understand the systems that will support your programme and the staff who will work with you. A Graduation ceremony will follow programme completion.
Programme Brochure