Enrolment Information

Enrolment and Selection Information
To Enrol

  1. Request information and an application form and email to admin@nzcdi.ac.nz
  2. Complete and supply Application Form
  3. Undertake interview
  4. Offer of place may be supplied
  5. Pay required investment amount
  6. Commence programme
Annual Programme Start Dates

Programme start dates: January, April, July and October of each year.

Learner Minimum

A minimum of 6 learners is required to commence any programme or paper.

Programme Delivery

All programmes are delivered online and in an interactive class. There will also be tasks and assessment work required.

There may be an option for those visiting New Zealand to short experiences related to their programmes.

A minimum of 6 enrolled learner is required to start any programme.

Programme Length

Each paper in all programmes may be completed in ten weeks. A maximum of two papers may be studied in a ten week time period. Each paper in all programmes may be completed part-time in 20 weeks.

Induction & Orientation Programme

This will be held a week before your programme starts to help you succeed and to understand the systems that will support your programme and the staff who will work with you.

Study Tracks
(must elect on application form)
Programme Progression Guideline
Professional Development Track
Undertake Programme
for Professional Development only

Learners are advised to have the English language levels below.
International Portability Track
Undertake programme and intend to seek recognition into other programmes and countries

Learners are required to have achieved one of the following English language standards to enter this track
Payment accepted in NZ dollars, US dollars or Euros

FF = Face to face IO = Interactive Online

Note: programmes can be provided Face to face on request for groups, email admin@nzcdi.ac.nz for more information