Stanley Proctor
Expertise/Foci: Lecturer of Law, Accounting , Finance, Taxation, Corporate Finance and Investment
about Stanley Proctor
Stanley has a vast teaching experience in the field of Law, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Corporate Finance and Investment. He completed his LLB (Hon),  Advanced Diploma in Law, and LCC Diploma in Accounting at the University of Wolverhampton United Kingdom. He has worked as Article Clerk at Newman Harris (Chartered Accountants) London, England, Accountant at Badiani and Company (Chartered Accountants) London England, Managing Director at Planter's Supply Agrochemical, Lecturer at Systematic Business College, Tutor and Part Time Lecturer at the Auckland University, Lecturer at the University of Northampton, Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, and Full Time Tenured Teacher at the Whitireria Polytechnic. He is an Australian approved lecturer for Accounting and Law and a UK approved lecturer for University of Northampton. He just recently worked as Consultant Contractor at Marsdon Institute and Consultant in Lecturing Business Studies.

Research and Development
1. Proctor, S. (2010). Factors responsible for effective leadership: A case study. New Zealand Applied Business Education Conference, 27-28 September Napier, New Zealand.
2. Proctor, S., and Pushpakumar, J. (2012). Misconduct for a pass mark, dishonesty for a profit: Can ethics be sacrificed for relative benefit? A critique from the learning space perspective.
3. Proctor, S., and Pushpakumar, J. S. (2013). The Business failures today, are they linked to academic misconducts?.
4. Proctor, S., Pushpakumar, J., & Hezer, D. (2015). Is there a substitute for “Hard work”?: Effectiveness of using smart technologies in the New Zealand export business education market.