Landy Nonoa
Expertise/Foci: Pasifika Performing Arts, Teaching, Dancing, Singing, Management, Leadership, Networking
about Landy nonoa
Landy is a proactive, energetic and committed individual with demonstrated skills and experience in leadership, motivating and growing a team that produces productivity and a culture of positive living. Self-taught entrepreneur, Landy fused her passion for Pacific cultural dancing and music. With her marketing and business skills, Landy learned working as a Consultant in the disability and mental health sector and some blue-collar recruitment industry.
She is currently a Director and co-owner of the Talents of the Pacific Academy (TOPA). As a Director, she is passionate about Pacific Cultural arts and creating ideas to fuse this form of art with other styles of dancing and music. She have been able to create a Confidence Building programme through TOPA that engages students from all age groups in Pacific Culture through the form of song and dance.