Eliot Henderson

Expertise/Foci: Facilitation, Mediation, Business, Quality Systems
about Eliot henderson
Eliot has worked in education related roles and as an educational programme operational administrator and technology advisor in both large and small tertiary institutions. He has also worked for over 5 years in retail distributor, customer service and retail management roles (including sole management) for companies such as Cadbury's, Simply Squeezed and Z NZ. Eliot is a trained mediator, an experienced director, business, clients and systems manager. He has more than 7 years' experience in business establishment and development and has successfully facilitated a range of business education programmes at the tertiary level.
Research Interests/Expertise
Eliot's research interests lie in facilitating business improvement (systems, decision-making and community responsibility). Eliot is planning a Legacy Leadership Project based aimed at promoting small changes in people's habits that can make a large impact on their quality of life. Eliot has completed a double major Bachelor in Social Sciences and Marketing and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Facilitation.
Samples of publications/research
Henderson, E. (2019). Mini-Case #12: Holistically supporting applied leadership in a higher education institute. in Rolheiser, C. Macnab, E., Carbone, A., & Ye, J. eds (2019). Scholarship of mini-cases of educational leadership in action, p45-47.