Eisen Y. Shim

BEng. (Seoul, HanYang University), MScTech, PGDMS, MBA

Expertise/Foci: International Business Management in Healthcare & Medical Industry Business Culture and Environment in APEC Region.

Eisen is international visiting professor of Catholic Medical Collage of Korea for healthcare management and executive of GMANZ, Green Medicine Association of New Zealand inc. He is currently Executive Director and Senior Consultant of DynaFuture in New Zealand. He has more than 20 years’ experience in international business management, business development and incubation for various organisations around the Asia-Pacific region. Eisen holds a unique academic achievement from scientific engineering research to integrative medicine & natural healthcare sector. He has done as Bachelor of mechanical engineering (BEng) in Korea, Master of Science & Technology (MScTech) with honours in New Zealand. His research for MScTech was for strategic technology innovation in New Zealand’s manufacturing industry. His academic achievement has extended to health and medical industry with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDMS) from Waikato Management School. His research area was for healthcare town development project for seniors in Asia-Pacific market. He is involved recently in business education & training program organised by Phyto-Design Institute of Korea and GMANZ. He is passionate to work as a senior lecturer in terms of natural health and phyto-remedy.
Research interests/expertise
His research activities are focusing on international business development and management in health & medical industry with Eco environmental resource. He has been in Osaka University, Japan to share his research project for PhD “Knowledge Innovation Strategies for New Zealand manufacturing Companies in APEC”. Recently, his strong passion is focusing on education and training professional human resource in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Natural Health in Asia. Especially, his multilingual abilities and management skills have effectively driven many international business projects to success for more than 30 enterprises in Asia-Pacific region. He dedicates himself to serve local SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) who are still struggling in how to drive a global business and marketing project to generate sales through diverse international cultures. He would like to share his resources to navigates their business clearly through the rocks and barriers of cultures and human resources.
Samples of publications/research
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  2. Eisen Shim. (2015). The Secret of Herb: The Story of Green Medicine in New Zealand, Publisher LaehNamuh, Seoul, Korea ISBN 979-11-9536648-0-0
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